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Today’s selfies.

How are you even real!?


Rose epaulets by Johnny Jinx, guest artist at Painted Bird Tattoo, Medford, MA

FASHION: Nike Blazer Mid Premium QS “Iridescent”

“If Cinderella’s glass slipper fits so perfectly, I wonder why it fell off along the way? I can’t help but think…” - Unknown

Nike continue the iridescent love with this Quick Strike release of a Blazer Mid for the ladies.

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First footage of The Legend of Korra Video game by Platinum games


“He lit a cigarette. His glass of whiskey lit a cigarette. “I can only truly love my dead best friend,” he said, “but not in a gay way. Women wouldn’t understand. They’re too gay.” Both of the cigarettes agreed.”

from Mallory Ortberg’s hilarious “Male Novelist Jokes.” (via coketalk)

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Idris Elba & Lucy Liu at the HBO 2014 Emmys After Party - 08/25/2014