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the new biggest trend is to respect eachother!!!!!!!!

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“So there is something called Epic Rap Battles and it is done by white dudes rapping as older white dudes? Can someone tell Obama to call in a drone strike?”

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What am I even doing.

Anonymous said:

could you tag your isreal palestine conflict posts


first off, i do, i tag everything i post on the subject as “gaza” not so that it can be caught by blacklist but so that people can go to the tag and get information. 

this is why i have a problem with “trigger warnings” and the way this website uses them, worldly events, do not trigger people, it’s reality and it’s your job to stay informed, it’s not pretty, and i understand you probably don’t come on this website to get informed or learn but other people do, education is everywhere and our access to the internet makes it even more prominent, learning is about challenging your personal belief system, if you grew up christian you should learn about other faiths, if you’re a liberal you should learn about conservatism, life isn’t one without the other, you need to know every side of something to be informed and educated, if you think one way about the world, you should expose yourself to other parts of it, that’s how real personal opinions are formed

triggers are for people who have experienced trauma and have developed PTSD from it, this causes people to remember their experience all to well, it causes them to relive the trauma emotionally through vivid memories, flashbacks and nightmares, therefore people put trigger warnings on content that has mentions of rape or assault or domestic abuse or the use of slurs, or suicide and self harm, so on and so forth 

i get asked to tag things all the time that aren’t triggers, like frogs and toenails? you’re not triggered by that, if you are, you need to go to therapy where professionals can expose you to these things because newsflash, that’s what they do, it’s called aversion therapy and people with actual phobias take-part in it so they’re no longer affected by normal everyday things, asking people to tag things that cause mild discomfort is ridiculous, asking people to tag reality so you don’t have to deal with it is even worse, i could understand if i was reblogging pictures of dead children and blown off limbs i.e. body gore but i don’t do that, that’s disgusting in itself so please, cut the bullshit. 

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Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled, 1991, Billboard.




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